Confident women across the country, are uniting to take a stand. Curve Fest Miami is a global movement with grassroot supporters in over 200 counties.

Curve Fest Miami is a festival that celebrates the beauty of curvy women. The outdoor event gathers Plus Size brands, Fashionistas, Shopaholics, Bloggers, Youtubers Curvy women and curvy aficionados from all over the world. The event host; Empress Founder/Owner of The Curve Factory, LLC, will connect with the best and reputable beauty brands to throw an event where Curvy women can take pride and confidence in their curves. This annual celebration of the beauty of curvy women is in the heart of Miami, FL. From BBW to Curvy and thick women there is always an overload of curvy inspiration.

Join us and a host of celebrity friends, a star-studded music lineup, DJs, key thought leaders and our community partners on a day dedicated to educating, entertaining and empowering.

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